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Akutrimmerid » Husqvarna 325iLK

Poolitatav akutrimmer ilma aku ja laadijata
Mootori tüüp
BLDC (harjadeta)
Kaal (ilma akuta)
3,4 kg
439 €

Multi-purpose, powerful battery combi trimmer Husqvarna 325iLK is a perfectly balanced, high-performance, battery-powered combi trimmer. The power output is the equivalent of a 25cc petrol engine, with the performance levels needed to take on the toughest of tasks, quicker and more efficiently. The trimmer can be used with the professional range of Husqvarna trimmer attachments, making it an extremely flexible multi-purpose tool for grass cutting, pruning, hedging, edging or cleaning. Can be used with either internal or external – belt or backpack – battery.

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